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Accelerate your career with the premier interactive, internet based real estate program

The internet-based Flex Master of Science in International Real Estate (MSIRE) Program uses video streaming and on-line technology from Blackboard to deliver a top tier graduate real estate program to the global market.  Through classroom capture technology, the program is directly linked with the Miami MSIRE program which was inspired by and developed with leading members of South Florida’s international real estate community. Offered by the top-ranked Chapman Graduate School of Business in the College of Business at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, the internet-based Flex Master of Science in International Real Estate was created to meet the current and emerging needs of real estate professionals would do not have the ability to study in Miami, but who want to increase their knowledge of real estate markets and develop contacts through one of the most global universities in North America.  Using the latest internet technology, prospective students gain valuable market knowledge and develop contacts within the South Florida real estate community.  The program is set up to specifically appeal to prospective students wanting a graduate degree in real estate who face high opportunity costs associated with leaving an existing position or relocating.  In short, our internet technology brings our program to students in countries and cities where this caliber of education is simply unavailable.  The course of study also includes the Miami Program component where students gather in Miami to further refine their skills and knowledge. 

With real estate borders falling continuously, even experienced professionals are facing new and unique challenges as they undertake large and complex real estate transactions and the markets demand a higher level of professionalism and knowledge. This one-year, accelerated, internet-based program provides exactly the type of in-depth knowledge and relevant skills to prepare you to understand and assemble the financial, legal, and other components for closing major real estate transactions successfully.

Now and in the future, your Flex Master of Science in International Real Estate degree is a public statement of your professional commitment and gives you a strong competitive edge in your career advancement.  It also will foster your professional network as you work with and know students from not just Miami, but all the locations from which we draw students.

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MSIRE and the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute

The CCIM Institute of Chicago has approved FIU's MSIRE Program as a University Partner and part of the CCIM/University Fast Track Program. Under this agreement, CCIM will give CCIM candidates who attend and graduate from FIU's MSIRE program credit for 3 of the 4 required CCIM courses. MSIRE graduates would then only need to take the remaining one class, pass the CCIM comprehensive exam, and satisfy the organization's experience requirements to earn their CCIM designation. With the University Partner agreement MSIRE students wanting to ultimately earn a CCIM designation will save at least $5,000 on the cost of earning the CCIM designation and will have access to CCIM programs and materials such as the CCIM "site to do business" which allows for substantial access to market databases. The CCIM designation is one of the most highly recognized professional designations in commercial brokerage.

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