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The College of Business at Florida International University is a premier provider of quality study abroad programs. The College, in keeping with the University’s overall mission to foster global opportunities for the exchange of ideas in business and culture, offers programs for undergraduate students to experience and conduct research in many countries. Our programs, in just five years, have expanded dramatically.

In that time, nearly 600 students have witnessed, in person, extremely diverse business and cultural practices. Many of our participants have been alumni who wish to broaden their exposure to the beliefs, expectations, and values of people across the world.

All of our programs are conducted by experienced professors who have traveled widely, both personally and under the auspices of the College of Business. Programs are tailored to take the greatest advantage of changes in global political, economic, cultural, sociological, and technological developments.

We believe that study abroad should be a practical opportunity for students, despite race, gender, financial resources or academic interests. Programs offer various benefits to participants in every study abroad experience.

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