Next HorizonStrategic Fund for Innovation and Engagement

To meet market demand for innovators and to leverage our assets as a solution-provider, FIU Business seeks industry partners to launch an Innovation Hub. The Hub will house an open, collaborative university-industry think tank, where industry brings its problems and challenges, and FIU activates more than 57,000 student and faculty minds across colleges and disciplines to solve them.

The Hub will include an Innovator Program for students, an apprentice-inspired mentoring model with extracurricular Innovation Core training and individual and collaborative industry experiences. The Innovation Core will expose students to topics and experiences in design thinking, entrepreneurial strategy, venture acceleration, blockchain in business, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

Industry partners who invest in the Innovation Hub will have offices on site to mentor and engage with students. Campaign investments in a strategic fund will fuel our vision for an out-of-the-box extra curriculum and hub for academy-industry engagement.

Please contact Jennifer Quintana, executive director of development, at 305-348-7953, for additional information.

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