Next HorizonCenters and Institutes

FIU Business has identified hot specialty tracks and skillsets that will both meet business needs in growth fields and ignite our graduates’ prospects—whether for promising employment or starting their own businesses. These high-demand niche areas include blockchain technology, emerging markets, family business, banking, global sales, and digital/branding analytics.

We have a head start in some of these areas. Through the ATOM (Analytics, Technology, and Operations Management) Think Tank, information systems and business analytics faculty and students are already consulting with organizations. In the Global Sales Lab, undergraduate and graduate students hone their skills in a simulated sales office setting. Through philanthropic investments, we will take these successful programs to the next level.

Your support through the campaign will help accelerate this work and launch brand-new initiatives in areas that will give FIU Business, and its students and partners, the competitive edge.

Please contact Jennifer Quintana, executive director of development, at 305-348-7953, for additional information.

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