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Marketers sharpen their soft skills in new speaker series at FIU Business.

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As strong communication skills grow increasingly important in today’s marketing landscape, the Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) program at FIU Business unveiled a three-part speaker series designed for new and prospective MSM students as well as faculty and alumni.

In the “Sharpening Your Soft Skills” series, industry professionals will share insights and strategies on effective communication, data-driven influence and interpersonal skills.

Carmen Ackerman (MSM ’19), vice president of membership services and community engagement at the Orange Bowl Committee, opened the series with a presentation on “managing up,” a concept designed to drive career success for employees at any level.

“Who are we really managing when we talk about managing?” Ackerman asked.” Regardless of who we're managing, whether it's a boss, or a colleague, or a direct report, whatever it is, the principles really stay the same.”

She shared advice on becoming a team player, anticipating managers’ needs and even encouraged audience members to create a marketing plan for themselves, to commit to their own personal success. For Ackerman, the most valuable skill to possess is to express and accept gratitude.

“Statistics have shown that employees value those interactions far more than they value a paycheck,” she added. “If you are made to feel that you are worthy, that you are a contributor to your work environment, which means more than getting that $1,000 raise at the end of the year.”

For incoming master’s student Lisa Cawley Ruiz, director, content marketing at Kaufman Rosin, the event was an opportunity for ongoing learning and also to become more familiar with the faculty and students in the program before she begins in August.

“One thing that resonated with me was the influence, how you can lead in an influencing way through your work,” said Cawley Ruiz. “Influence is always something I am trying to work on as personal development.”

FIU Business alumna Jacqueline Del Fa (MSM ’17), manager, digital media analyst at Amadeus, attended the event to connect with MSM alumni and network with other marketing professionals.

“I’m a manager, I manage a team of 12 people, so it was very useful for my day-to-day,” said Del Fa. “I’m very excited to apply some of the things I learned.”

To learn more about the series and register for the next event, visit the website.