MS in Information SystemsAcademic Resources

The following are areas of knowledge and skills that serve as a critical foundation for success in the Master of Science in Information Systems program. Reinforce your foundation in these areas before starting the program.

Online Learning

Foundations for Coursework

The topics below are key foundational knowledge areas that serve as basis for MSIS program coursework. We recommend that you review the resources provided below to give you a jumpstart on preparing for your classes and coursework assignments.

Online Resources

Information Systems Overview
(advanced knowledge)

View information about IS basics here

Academic Writing
(advanced level)

Review basic principles of college-level writing
Visit FIU Center for Excellence in Writing

Review the Academic Integrity Code at FIU

(basic level)

Review Java MOOC learning resources here

Take JAVA course on LinkedIn Learning

(basic level)

Review statistics concepts here

(basic level)

Take the SQL course here

Microsoft Excel
(intermediate level)

Assess your Excel level here

Microsoft Access
(basic level)

Take the Access course here

Microsoft PowerPoint
(intermediate level)

View learning resources here


(intermediate level)

View Tableau learning videos here

Take the Tableau course on LinkedIn Learning

Join the Information Systems Community

We encourage you to immerse yourself in becoming a part of the Information Systems community to take advantage of professional and career advancement opportunities

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