MS in Information SystemsProgram Schedule, Books & Materials

Program Schedule

The MSIS program is cohort-based. Students complete a total of 10 courses for the accelerated program, and 11 courses for the analytics and cybersecurity tracks. All courses are taken in a pre-determined order and with the same group of students. Each semester consists of two terms that each run on an 8-week schedule. Students take two courses simultaneously per term.

Program Schedules

*Dates provided are tentative and subject to change.

Professional Development Seminars

Students must also complete all Professional Development Seminars, designed to focus on building soft skills such as leadership, team building, presentation skills, and career exploration. Students will also have a chance to complete the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification while in the program.

Assurance of Learning Assessment

The Assurance of Learning (AoL) is an online exit assessment administered during the final semester of the program. Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral students are expected to demonstrate certain student learning outcomes, and this exam assists with the assessment of these competencies. The purpose of AoL is to ensure that the College of Business is transparent and accountable to its accreditors and constituencies and to assist the College and its faculty to enhance program outcomes and to improve student learning.

The objectives and outcomes we want our students to accomplish also will enable faculty to ensure relevancy and currency of the curriculum, improve the quality of instruction and by extension, student learning. We do this by continuously finding innovative ways to improve student learning and achievement.

To make sure that we delivering on these promises, we have devoted to the Assurance of Learning initiative that will require students to demonstrate before graduation, evidence of foundational knowledge, expertise and skills acquired, that we have identified as "overarching learning objectives" and "specific learning outcomes"-for your cumulative graduate student experience.

Books and other Class Materials

Students are responsible for purchasing books and other class materials before the first day of class. The course syllabi will be shared prior to the beginning of each term, or as soon as it is released by faculty.

The FIU Bookstore website has a search feature that also allows students to find the textbook requirements for their upcoming courses, prior to the beginning of the semester. Students must complete the search form by entering the campus, term, department, course and section information. This information is included on the course schedule referenced above.

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