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Good corporate citizenry, no longer a choice but a necessityGood corporate citizenry, no longer a choice but a necessity

By FIU Business | Posted August 29, 2017

When queried at a 1909 business meeting about the choice of colors available for his automobiles, Henry Ford replied that customers could have any color they wanted as long as it is black....

Oil production in Cuba and a pristine ecosystem.Oil production in Cuba and a pristine ecosystem.

By FIU Business | Posted February 3, 2017

Former Chevron Corporation executive Silvia Garrigo shared insights on the future of environmental sustainability, renewable energy and what the death of Fidel Castro will mean for business in Cuba with students in the College of Business' international business and strategy....

Latin America must be boldLatin America must be bold

By Jerry Haar and John Price | Posted January 11, 2017

After three years of economic decline that depleted Latin America's GDP of $1.7 trillion, depleting the region appears poised for a rebound in 2017. Economic hardship and a surge of civic consciousness have convinced millions of South American voters to reject populism....

Latin America's Agricultural ChallengesLatin America's Agricultural Challenges

By Jerry Haar | Posted July 18, 2016

Our planet is a hungry one. By the year 2050, the world will need to produce enough food to feed more than 2 billion additional people, compared to the current 7.2 billion. To meet future food demand, agricultural production will need to increase by 50-70%....

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