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List of planned programs and offerings

Competitive Preference Priority 1: Collaboration with a Professional Association or Business- Activities that propose to collaborate with one or more professional associations and/or businesses on activities designed to expand employment opportunities for international business students, such as internships and work-study opportunities.

Mandatory Activity "D": Collaborative programs, activities, or research involving other institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, professional associations, businesses, firms or combinations to promote the development of international skills, awareness, and expertise among current and prospective members of the business community.

  • BizPass Program
  • Global Citizen Work Preparedness Program
  • BMI International Scholarship Program
  • Student Global Career Development Internship Program
  • Study Abroad Scholarships Program
  • CLADEA Student Sponsorship
  • NASBITE Membership
  • International Business Seminar Series
  • GMCC Trade Mission and Consular Collaboration
  • Business Inside Speaker Series
  • CIBER-DEC Initiative
  • FIU Business Mentor Program
  • CMS Services
  • Global Bilingual Sales Lab
  • Industry Nights
  • The Honors in International Business Program
  • Masters of International Business
  • International MBA
  • International Study Options and Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Competitive Preference Priority 2: Collaboration with Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) or Community Colleges - significant and sustained collaborative activities designed to incorporate international, intercultural, or global dimensions into the business curriculum of the MSI(s) and/or community college(s)

Mandatory Activity "A": Interdisciplinary programs, which incorporate foreign language and international studies training into business, finance, management, communications systems and other professional curricula.

Mandatory Activity "B": Interdisciplinary programs which provide business, finance, management, communication systems, and other professional training for foreign language and international studies faculty and advanced degree candidates

  • Study Abroad Curriculum Integration Study
  • Broward College Collaborations
  • SIPA Collaborations
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Initiatives
  • Connecting Countries Program
  • NOBLE K-12 Program
  • MSI/CC Consortium (CMCC)
  • International Summer School Program
  • Interdisciplinary Globalization Workshop Program
  • International Content Expansion Seminar Series
  • MSI Professional Development Program
  • CIBERWeb
  • Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE)
  • Alternative Spring Break Program

Invitational Priority 1: Applications that propose programs or activities focused on language instruction and/or performance testing and assessment to strengthen the preparation of international business professionals.

Mandatory Activity "C": Programs, such as intensive language programs, available to business community and other professionals, which are designed to develop or enhance their international skills, awareness, and expertise.

  • Lesser-Taught Languages K-12 Program
  • College-Level Languages for Business Courses
  • Interdisciplinary Intercultural Competency Language Student Seminar
  • Annual CIBER Business Language Conference
  • Business Certificate for Language Students
  • Online/Hybrid Language Course Support
  • Foreign Language Curriculum Integration

Mandatory Activity "E": Research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education and to promote integrated curricula

Mandatory Activity "F": Research designed to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms, including those not currently active in international trade

  • Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) Korea Program
  • FDIB India Program
  • FDIB Cuba Program
  • PDIB Pacific Alliance Program
  • Working Paper Series/Research Awards
  • AIB Best Theory Paper Award
  • CLADEA Conference Support
  • AOM Conference Best Emerging Scholar Award
  • South Florida IB Colloquium
  • Doctoral Research Support
  • Emerging Markets Strategy Practitioner Research Series
  • CUIBE Value of IB Education Study

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Jennifer Hilton Montero
Director, Office of Global Initiatives
Florida International University
College of Business
11200 S.W. 8th St., MANGO 210
Miami, FL 33199

Direct: 305.348.2780
Office: 305.348.4825
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