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FIU offers a variety of funding opportunities. It is important to understand that these may require a separate application for consideration. We’ve compiled this list to help you navigate the process.

College of Business Opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate students 

The College offers a number of scholarship opportunities provided through the generosity of both individuals and corporations. Most scholarships are awarded in the summer for the following academic year. Scholarship award will vary in amount, depending on the scholarship, the qualifications of the recipient, and the number of qualified applicants. To be eligible to apply for scholarships, applicants must be seeking a degree in a program offered within the college.

For more information regarding these scholarships please contact, Angela Bullard at or 305-348-0051. For scholarships offered by specific Chapman Graduate Programs, please contact the program coordinator. For more information on how to apply visit:

FIU Internal Opportunities

FIU offers many scholarship opportunities within the University. If you are interested in learning about these and applying go to the Academic Works site.  

You can also learn more about financial aid options for graduate international students here:  

Office of Scholarships & Fellowships (OSF)

The OSF is part of Undergraduate Education at FIU and is dedicated to helping students find, apply for, and attain national and university-based opportunities. 

We are committed to helping undergraduate and graduate students develop the skills, personal commitment and drive needed to pursue and receive scholarships that align with their educational and professional goals. 

To access an easy database go to

Outside Resources for Scholarships

Education USA

EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State-supported network of hundreds of advising centers around the world. Visit:  


Provides a list of scholarships opportunities  

Study Abroad Scholarships in Colombia and Dominican Republic

Colombia Fulbright Program  

Dominican Republic Fulbright Program 

Study Abroad Scholarships for US Citizens

Boren Fellowship (Graduate Students)  

Study abroad (including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle

East BUT NOT Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).   

Benefits:  Graduate awards up to $30,000. 

Pickering (Graduate) Fellowship ‐ Graduate Fellowship

Benefits:  Up to $100,000 over two years for completion of a two‐year master’s degree. 

PLUS two PAID internships ‐ one overseas and one at the Department of State.  Automatic entry into the Foreign Service upon completion of graduate studies.

Eligibility:  Seniors and alumni applying for graduate school.

Rangel Graduate Fellowship for Master’s Degree - Graduate Scholarship

Eligibility:  Seniors and alumni applying for graduate school.  ALL MAJORS

Benefits:  Up to $90,000 over two years for completion of a two‐year master’s degree.  PLUS two PAID internships on Capitol Hill and OVERSEAS at a U.S. Embassy.  Automatic entry into the Foreign Service upon completion of graduate studies.

USAID Graduate Fellowship for Master’s Degree   

Eligibility: Seniors or graduates looking to start graduate school in the fall of 2013, GPAs of at least 3.2, and U.S. citizens.

Benefits: $90,000 over two years toward a two‐year master's degree (international relations, public policy, business administration, foreign languages, economics, agriculture, engineering, environmental sciences, education, health, or urban planning), two internships on Capitol Hill and at USAID missions overseas. At the end of the two‐year fellowship, Fellows enter the USAID Foreign Service. 

DAAD Study Scholarship      

Study Scholarships are awarded to graduate students of all disciplines to provide the opportunity to study in Germany or complete a postgraduate or Master’s degree course and obtain a degree at a German university or institution. Graduate study scholarships are granted for one academic year (10 months) with the possibility of a one‐year extension for students in degree‐granting programs to complete a full degree course in Germany. Scholarships must take place during the German academic year  

Marshall Scholarship 

Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. At least forty Scholars are selected each year to study at graduate level at an UK institution in any field of study. Each scholarship is held for two years. The award covers University fees, cost of living expenses, annual book grant, thesis grant, research and daily travel grants, fares to and from the United States and, where applicable, a contribution towards the support of a dependent spouse.

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