Global InitiativesInternational Student Ambassador Program

This elite leadership program provides FIU Business students the opportunity to develop their leadership and professional development skills while providing support and mentoring services to new incoming international dual degree and exchange business students.

One of the goals of the ISA program is to help new students transition from life in their home countries to life at FIU, ensuring a full and enriching educational and social experience.

  • Must be an international dual degree, transfer, exchange or returned outbound study
         abroad student within the College of Business
  • Must have and maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0
  • Must be in good F-1 status (if on an F-1 student visa) and overall good university standing
  • Able to serve at least one academic semester as an ISA
  • Able to attend a mandatory training before the semester starts
  • Professional Development
    • Sponsorship to a leadership conference *Most Outstanding ISA*
    • Opportunities to attend professional networking workshops
    • Mentorship from an FIU Business alumni through the College of Business alumni mentor program
  • Skill Development
    • Opportunities to improve leadership skills
    • Opportunities to improve public speaking skills
    • Opportunities to improve intercultural and interpersonal skills
    • Opportunities to improve organization and event planning skills
  • Job Searching Perks
    • Provides leadership experience for your resume
    • Receive letter of recommendation from program supervisor
    • Receive professional reference from the Office of Global Initiatives
  • Brand Ambassador
    • Recognition and feature on our website and social media pages
    • Represent Office of Global Initiatives at promotional events and fairs
    • Participate in Office of Global Initiatives marketing campaigns


Meet the ISAs

Sarah MontasSarah Montas

Degree: Bachelors

Program: International Business and Finance

Home Country: Dominican Republic

Fun Fact: She speaks Spanish, English and French. She was a vegetarian for 6 years and she is now fully vegan.

Hobbies: Dancing, especially jazz, salsa, merengue and bachata. Sarah has a deep interest in Asian culture, especially Japanese and Korean.

Goals: Her goal is to become an example of leadership when it comes to integrating different cultures together and helping students adapt to their life on campus so they can have the best year at FIU!

Meaghan RiveraMeaghan Rivera

Degree: Bachelors

Program: International Business and Marketing

Home Country: United States

Fun Fact: Meaghan grew up in nine different countries around the world, which triggered her love for traveling.

Hobbies: Traveling, going on adventures and shopping.

Goals: She looks forward to being an international student ambassador so she can meet people from different countries and help them feel comfortable in a new environment because she has been in their shoes.

Ana María OrtiAna María Orti

Degree: Bachelors

Program: Marketing and International Business

Home Country: Dominican Republic

Fun Fact: Ana’s favorite food is sushi and ice cream.

Hobbies: Playing soccer, hanging out with my friends and watching Netflix.

Goals: She hopes to make a positive change in the heart and mind of others, meet new people from around the world and build strong relationships, as well as help international students adapt to life at FIU.

Steven AlvarezSteven Alvarez

Degree: Bachelors

Program: International Business and Marketing

Home Country: Dominican Republic

Fun Fact: Steven is currently a marketing intern for Roaring Concepts, a student-run marketing agency in the American Marketing Association.

Hobbies: Watching movies, hanging out with friends, and discovering new places.

Goals: He hopes to help students grow personally and professionally, while ensuring a memorable experience in FIU.

Hami UstaHami Usta

Degree: Masters

Program: International Business

Home Country: Turkey

Fun Fact: Hami lived in China for three years. He is a social butterfly with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Hobbies: Eating new foods and playing soccer.

Goals: He wants to meet new people to exchange ideas and experiences thus learning from each other.

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