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FIU Executive Education offers non-credit certificate programs that allow business professionals to enhance their professional development. At the conclusion of our programs, you will receive a certificate of completion from FIU Business. Our programs do not award college credits and may not be taken as a part of a current academic program in which you may be enrolled. The registration and payment for our programs are handled directly through our website. Any programs that are taken through our office will not appear on MyFIU and will not appear on your transcript. In addition, you will not need to apply through the university as a whole.

Since our programs are non-credit certificate programs, we do not have any requirements or pre-requisites that must be met before our programs are taken. This includes test scores, transcripts and GPA requirements. However, if you are taking a program with FIU Executive Education in preparation for a certification exam, registration for the exam may have certain requirements. In this case, please check directly with the certification entity to ensure that you have met their requirements to register for the certification exam.

Registration for our programs is relatively simple, in that you are registering directly for our certificate program and do not need to register through the university as a whole. To register for a particular program, please click on the “Register Now” link on the specific program’s webpage.

Our programs do not charge an additional application fee. However, during the time of registration, a non-refundable down payment is required to hold your spot within the program. Specific information on the down payment for a particular program can be located under the “Schedule & Registration” and “Policies” section of the program webpage.

Through taking a non-credit certificate program, participants will not be official students in the sense that they will not be awarded a “Panther ID” number or Student ID. With this being said, participants will therefore be unable to access the FIU Library, FIU Gym and other similar amenities.

International students are more than welcome to enhance their professional development by attending FIU Executive Education programs. Considering that we offer non-credit certificate programs, our participants only need to have a tourist visa in order to attend any of our non-credit programs. When necessary, our office may present an official letter from FIU confirming registration within the program which may be used in support for obtaining a tourist visa.

Each specific program has its own attendance requirement that must be satisfied. In general, should you miss a program session, you will still receive the session PowerPoints that are emailed to all participants on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, our office is unable to provide any additional notes on the material that may have been covered. Therefore, we recommend that you speak with one of the other participants in the class who may be able to assist with any specific information that may have been covered. Throughout the program, if you have any questions regarding an absence, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator for Open Enrollment Programs directly.

In order to ensure that program sessions remain engaging and interactive, our class sizes are typically no larger than 30 participants. We work to ensure that participants have countless opportunities to interact with both the program instructors and their peers. Our programs are not structured as large lecture hall seminars.

FIU Executive Education courses are not structured like a standard college lecture. Our programs do not take place in lectures halls and our instructors do not strictly “lecture” for the entire length of the program. Considering that almost all of our participants are working professionals, our programs are designed to be incredibly engaging and allow for the students to participate.  Although a portion of each session will consist of instructor lectures, our sessions also consist of group work/activities, group conversations, case studies and roleplay scenarios.

All program information including program schedule, program location, FIU map and parking details will be sent to all confirmed participants two weeks prior to the start date of the program. If you have any specific questions regarding any of these items before then, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator for Open Enrollment Programs directly.

The Program Coordinator (PC) is your primary point of contact for any program-related issues/concerns. Communication can be through phone or email. The PC will help participants with areas such as registration, payments, invoices and verification letters. The PC will also assist with other issues that may arise by either serving as a liaison or directing the participant to the appropriate contact. Also, the PC will provide administrative support for the program. Should you have any questions before, during or after the program, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator for Open Enrollment Programs directly.

Successful completion of the program is contingent upon attending all the program sessions. With reasonable, advance notice and the approval of the Program Coordinator, a participant may be excused from a session for reasons of a personal nature. If for any reason a participant is not able to attend a session(s), then he/she will be held responsible for completing the missed session(s) work as indicated by the session facilitator in conjunction with the Program Coordinator.

Each participant is responsible for abiding to the attendance policy. Participation in class is important for the learning process and success in the program. Successful completion of the program will allow you to miss a total of two program sessions. This will ensure that you are present for at least 80 percent of the program sessions. 

In addition, successful completion of the program is contingent upon a 70 percent average on all program quizzes. Quizzes will be available beginning on Sunday, at 1:00 a.m., and will be due the Friday before the course session at 11:59 p.m. The quizzes will be based upon the chapter and materials that will be covered in the following session and are utilized to gauge the participants understanding of the material prior to the session.

Should you fail to meet the attendance requirement for a specific program, then you may make up the program sessions that you have missed during the next program offering. This will be free of charge; however, new program materials and parking will not be provided. In order to retake the sessions during the next program offering, please contact our Program Coordinator for Open Enrollment Programs directly.

Should the grading requirement not be met by the participant, the participant is ineligible to receive the Florida International University Certificate of Completion. The participant may purchase online access during the following program offering and retake all quizzes according to the course schedule to achieve a 70 percent average.

Human Resource Management

SHRM Certification Review

  • Introductory program to human resources and provides a general overview of all HR components
  • Typically for those looking to begin a career in HR with an entry level position, is currently performing HR functions, and/or is seeking formal education in the area of HR
  • Prepares participants for the SHRM Certification Exam
  • More in-depth concepts and directly follows the SHRM Learning System
  • Typically for individuals that have between three and six years of experience in an HR role

It is not a requirement or mandatory pre-requisite that the Human Resource Management Program be taken before the SHRM Certification Review. It is up to the participants to determine which program best fits their needs and skill set. If you have specific questions regarding the program that would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Coordinator for Open Enrollment Programs directly.

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