College of Business Internships

An internship is work experience related to your educational and/or career interests. It is a planned, structured, supervised, and College learning objective-based experience where you learn about a particular profession or industry and link that learning to your major field of business study. Internships come in many forms. They may be full-time or part-time, for academic credit or for experience only, and paid or unpaid.

Although many FIU students work (part-time or even full-time), internships provide a distinct business education learning experience. If you don't have work experience, it is essential that you do an internship. Most internships do not require previous experience. An interest in learning and a willingness to work hard is all that is required. When it comes to getting your ideal job after graduation, employers tell us they strongly prefer to hire students with internship experience. They find that these students know what it's like in the working world and are more focused regarding their career choice. They also tell us that internship experience often is just as important as a strong academic record.

The Business Career Management Office offers guidance in determining the type of internship that will best meet your needs and can assist you develop a career plan.

Internships completed for academic credit in the College of Business involves both the academic department most related to internship position and our Business Career Management Office.