Capital Markets LabFinancial Literacy Programs

Since the fall semester of 2009, the Capital Markets Lab has been working with high school students in the South Florida region in its own self-initiated financial markets training program. These free training courses are held at the Modesto Maidique FIU campus, in the Capital Markets Lab - CBC 252. The course is given by lab interns who are finance majors (or graduate students) with experience in the field. It is aimed at giving students a crash course in the financial markets and investment world, specifically the debt and equity markets. 

The typical meeting consists of a review of the last session, a power point presentation of new material, and a closing with open questions and discussion. The material ranges from market functions to company data and investing techniques. However the material is constantly being reviewed and acclimated to specific groups based on previous level of financial literacy.

We have had a great experience thus far with our first group, who comes from the investment club of Christopher Columbus High School. We are open to and have space for any more interested high school students and groups.

List of Programs:

  • Employee Financial Literacy Program
  • Greater Miami Adventist Academy
  • Miami Northwestern Senior High School
  • Private Education Literacy Program
  • Upward Bound
  • Women of Tomorrow
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