Admission Requirements

If you are interested in the Honors in IB program you must declare International Business as your primary major and consult the Honors in IB Academic Advisor. If you meet a 3.3 GPA and have completed MAN3025 with a B or higher you may submit a completed application form obtained from the Honors in IB website.

You must hold a minimum 3.3 GPA to be admitted to the Honors in IB program. Admission to the Honors College is not required.

Upon completion of degree requirements you’ll receive a BBA degree in International Business with Honors.

Academic Standards:

You are required to:

(a) obtain a grade of “B” or higher in each of your major courses,
(b) maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 in the program for graduation,
(c) fulfill all University language requirements, and
(d) fulfill all other Department, COB and University graduation requirements.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Rosa Cellucci at (305) 348-2794 or