Grievance Procedure

Charges of Academic Grievance may be brought against a faculty member, committee, or department chair by a student. These are the key stops to be following.

  • Contact your professor to resolve this matter promptly to identify mutual resolution.
    • If the matter is not resolved, please contact the academic department chair.
    • If the matter remains unresolved, please contact Kelly G. Ferguson, Executive Director for Student Success and Innovation, at 305.348.6157 or email
    • If the matter is still not resolved, you may reach out to Anezka Sousa, the executive assistant for the dean, to identify a mutual time to meet with the dean. Anezka can be reached at Office: 305.348.2751 or

Please understand there are strict university policies that FIU Business must be in compliance.  However, there are times that we provide our own business practices to facilitate a mutual resolution. At FIU Business, we are committed to student success. More information about the FIU grievance procedure can be found here.