Richard Valdes


Richard is President and serves on the board of Inverproperties, a Mexico City based developer that specializes in neighborhood shopping centers. He has been involved in the development of over 15 shopping centers. Richard also serves as Managing Partner for ATMA Real Estate, a private equity platform with presence both in Mexico and the United States. Richard invests through ATMA in Single Asset Transactions, Development Joint Ventures, Portfolio Acquisitions and Platform Private Equity Investments. Richard’s responsibility is the strategic growth of ATMA by managing its investment businesses that include acquisitions and development. Richard recently established Inver Capital LLC, a vehicle for multifamily investments outside the ATMA platform. A native of Miami, FL., Richard is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Richard holds a Master’s degree in Real Estate from Georgetown University where he graduated Cum Laude. He also received his BA in Management and International Business from Florida International University.