Enrique Teran

Avantiway Realty


Enrique Teran was born into the real estate industry. His participation as a kid in his family real estate business helped shape a solid understanding of, and a passion for, the real estate industry. He earned a degree in Management Information Systems and acquired his real estate license immediately after graduating from college in 2000. In his first three years, he closed over 200 transactions using traditional real estate methods.

This initial experience helped Enrique develop a vision to transform the way realtors and consumers interact. He combined his computer background and deep industry experience to achieve this vision and recognized the importance of continually challenging the status quo to ensure a “unique consumer experience.” In 2002, he began the creation of one of the first paperless transaction platforms in the industry. He engineered an online platform that combines data analytics with easy to use interfaces, providing unique insights and valuable tools for agents, consumers, and real estate investors as a collaborative system that enhances the entire real estate experience and upgrades the entire service business model.

In 2007, Enrique partnered with Andres Korda and Cecilia Teran to start Avanti Way Realty, a brokerage firm that is based on his vision of providing a unique customer experience using data driven technology to empower the role of the real estate agent and increase the efficiency and transparency of the process to the customer. Using his proprietary technology, combined with an innovative educational approach, he created a unique business incubator to help accelerate real estate professionals’ growth trajectory.

Enrique led Avanti Way to become one of the Top 50 most productive brokerage firms in the State of Florida. Avanti Way boasts over 500 Agentpreneurs(TM), 5 office locations, and over 15,000 transactions worth more than $2 billion in sales since its inception. His success and leadership in the industry earned him an invitation to the nation’s capital last year (2017) as part of a very select group to shape real estate policy and discuss its impact on consumers with lawmakers in Capitol Hill.

Enrique was also recognized with the Up & Comer Real Estate Award 2016 by South Florida Business & Wealth Organization and was a recipient of the Real Estate Achievers and Leaders Residential Broker Award for 2016 by The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. He was part of the lineup of speakers at Inman Connect San Francisco in 2016 and has participated in several additional industry expert panels including the Legends and Millennials event (2017). More recently, he was appointed as Residential Governor of South Florida in 2018 by the Miami Board of Realtors.

In addition to successfully running and exponentially growing Avanti Way, Enrique also developed the technology for Propfolio, another company he co-founded, which is a spin off of his family’s CT International boutique property management firm. He serves as CEO and currently manages $350M in investor commercial and residential real estate assets. Propfolio is an innovative investment allocation and property management company that offers clients on-demand, real-time portfolio returns and other key financial metrics. Investors also enjoying a concierge-like service for their properties to maximize their value and keep track of everything related to their assets with one click.

As a Co-founder of Avanti Way & Propfolio, Enrique dedicates all his efforts to the transformation of the real estate industry by continuing challenging the status quo and passionately developing technology data driven products and enhancing the relationship between brokers, agents, real estate consumers and investors to make a positive impact on this such diverse and fast changing industry.