Neil Ramsay

The Creative Economist

Neil Ramsay, The Creative Economist, serves as a contracted systems thinker and lateral thinker for various teams and projects. Business leaders find it fun working with Neil, as he embodies an expansive combination of "imagination, pragmatism, and aesthetics" that encompasses transdisciplinary and holistic approaches. With his out-of-the-box thinking, Neil brings a fresh perspective to the planning and decision-making processes. Neil's expertise lies in identifying, developing, and leveraging synergies between creative professionals such as architects, artists, designers, futurists, urbanists, and business leaders who aim to build ventures with a more human-centered and life-oriented impact on people, places, and spaces. By adopting nonlinear approaches to problem-solving, he elevates the standards of management, enabling the realization of newfound creative value through qualitative and quantifiable means. His cross-disciplinary insight empowers him to establish connections between seemingly unrelated elements and recognize the enhanced systemic values that arise from these connections. Through the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of commissioned or proposed creative projects, Neil delves deeper into the ideas, strategies, and operations of clients. This unique skill set bridges the domains of finance, economics, design, art, and real property, allowing him to uncover value that often goes unnoticed.