Marina Vizdoaga

Marina Vizdoaga

Vice President of Investments

Office: LTV SaaS Growth Fund

Currently serving as the Vice President of Investments at LTV SaaS Growth Fund, Ms. Vizdoaga plays a pivotal role in shaping the SaaS business investment landscape. With adept leadership, she directs and oversees the acquisition process for the fund, identifying and nurturing high-potential SaaS companies to help them thrive in a dynamic market. Her extensive experience in valuation, financial modeling, due diligence, and nuanced negotiation techniques positions her as a key leader, skilled at identifying lucrative investment opportunities and aligning strategies with the fund's ambitious goals.

An esteemed alumna of Florida International University, Ms. Vizdoaga graduated from the MS in Finance program with a stellar 4.0 GPA, earning the prestigious Best Student Award and Director's Award. These accolades underscore her exceptional analytical prowess and profound grasp of financial principles, distinguishing her as a scholar of finance.

In her multifaceted role at LTV SaaS Growth Fund, Ms. Vizdoaga leads strategic investment initiatives, expertly balancing innovative growth opportunities with sound risk management. Her expertise in analyzing industry trends, growth potential, and financial modeling has been instrumental in steering the fund toward sustainable success and diversification. Her stewardship has sculpted a portfolio that not only mitigates risk but also maximizes growth potential across the SaaS spectrum.

Drawing from a robust foundation built during her tenures at BDO USA, LLP, and MBAF, Ms. Vizdoaga's previous roles were characterized by extensive work in business valuation and comprehensive financial analysis. These experiences honed her skills as a versatile and sagacious finance professional.

Beyond her professional achievements, Ms. Vizdoaga is dedicated to fostering diversity and empowering women in finance. As an active participant in organizations such as the National Honor Society, Financial Women's Association, Financial Management Association, and 100 Women In Finance, she is committed to shaping a more inclusive and equitable financial sector.

As a Board Advisory Member for the MS in Finance at Florida International University, Ms. Vizdoaga is poised to offer a wealth of knowledge and insights, contributing to the development of the next generation of finance professionals and leveraging her comprehensive industry experience to enrich the academic program.