Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA)Internships

Internships for MIS Course Credit

ISBA encourages internships for credit as part of its undergraduate MIS major in order to provide an enriched learning experience. Internships are supervised by faculty who interact with the student and the employer or organization that provides the internship.

The internship should provide a new learning experience for the student intern. Consultation with the faculty instructor to secure approval is required before the internship begins. A permit number to register for the course will be granted after the objective of the internship is confirmed by the employer and approved by the faculty instructor. For 3 hours of Academic Credit, an internship will require completion of the academic requirements as specified in the ISM 3949 and/or the ISM 4949 course syllabi.

Student Academic Eligibility

To be eligible for an internship, students must have completed at least one ISM major course with a B- or better and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.  In exceptional cases the academic eligibility requirement can be waived upon approval of the department chairperson. The number of internships available each semester is limited.

Employer Eligibility

Employers must provide a job or project description that assures interns the opportunity to apply their MIS knowledge and develop a core competency. A supervisor will evaluate the performance of the intern and will be willing to discuss the project and the intern’s performance with the supervising instructor and/or the department chairperson. The work schedule will be determined in advance and will allow the student to meet his/her academic responsibilities. Modifications must be approved by the supervising instructor.

Application for Internship Consideration

To request consideration for academic credit for an internship, please send an email to with “Internship Application” and your Panther ID in the subject line. Make sure to include a completed internship application form and offer letter in the email.

For more information please check the latest syllabus of ISM 3949 and/or ISM 4949 posted on the FIU website.

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