FIU’s ATOM COVID-19 DATATHONGeneral Information

Pioneering Higher Education During a Pandemic

Friday, July 24 – Sunday, August 2, 2020

You are invited to participate in FIU’s ATOM COVID-19 Datathon, which takes place from July 24 through August 2. Cash prizes will be awarded!

During this one-week virtual event, multi-disciplinary teams will collaborate to develop proposed solutions to address the challenges faced by FIU as it works to repopulate its campus in the wake of COVID-19. Like a hackathon, a datathon involves teams of data analysts, computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts and others who collaborate intensively on data analysis, app development, simulations, and design proposals.

The Datathon is open to all FIU students. FIU alumni are welcome to participate as valued mentors, judges, and/or sponsors.

This virtual challenge will take place from 6:00 p.m. Friday, July 24 through 6:00 p.m. Sunday, August 2.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, July 29 at 11:59 p.m.

Special note for participants of this Summer’s PantherHacks hackathon, themed “Innovating for COVID-19,” which will be hosted by Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) and take place on  Saturday, July 18 – Sunday, July 19 (the weekend prior to the Datathon).

Student teams participating in UPE’s PantherHacks hackathon will be creating projects that center around improving one or more of the following four major areas: community, education, health and productivity. Hackathon teams may transfer their projects to continue working on them in the Datathon in order to develop their proposals more fully.

FIU’s COVID-19 Datathon is a virtual event sponsored by FIU’s ATOM Think Tank in collaboration with its corporate sponsors.  The theme is Pioneering Higher Education During a Pandemic. During the one-week datathon, multi-disciplinary teams will collaborate to design and develop solutions that will address the challenges faced by FIU as it attempts to “repopulate the campus” in the wake of COVID-19 mandates, which precipitated the migration to remote learning. The FIU COVID-19 Datathon event will focus on connecting teams with the tools and resources needed to develop innovative proposals that can be implemented to enhance the “new normal” for students, faculty, as well as support and administrative staff as they re-establish a physical on-campus presence. After the challenge has ended, selected teams will have the opportunity to bring their solutions to life with the support of our partners.

This is a virtual event. Teams will work together throughout the week-long event using tools such as Canvas, Zoom, Google Drive, and/or Slack. 

This is a virtual challenge that will take place from 6:00 p.m. Friday, July 24 through 6:00 p.m. Sunday, August 2. 

Participants do not need to be available 24/7 for the duration of the event but should communicate their availability to team members. All participants should plan to commit sufficient amount of time to collaborate with their teams in the development of meaningful and viable proposals and solutions.

The best ideas and teams will have the opportunity to co-develop and implement their solution with the support of our partners.

Winning teams will receive monetary prizes and direct access to key partners to further develop, validate and implement proposals. 


No! Computer science, engineering, data analytics, and other technical experience is very welcome, but we also welcome innovative participants from all academic and professional backgrounds.

Yes! Participating teams should consist of currently enrolled FIU students. We welcome FIU graduates to participate and contribute as a sponsor, mentor, and/or judge.

Registration form for students participating as part of teams to work on the event challenges.

Registration form for judges, sponsors, or mentors.

Please complete the registration form found here. If you are applying with a team, all team members must submit individual registrations – you will be given the opportunity to identify the team that you desire to work with.

Participants will work together in teams of 4 members. If you already have a team in mind, you can indicate who you would like to work with when completing the participant registration form (all team members must submit an individual registration application). Individuals are also invited to participate; we will form teams based on interest and experience. 

In order to help teams to propose and develop meaningful and viable solutions as quickly as possible, sponsors will provide baseline data sets, suggestions for possible technological tools and access to mentors.  Teams are welcome to incorporate additional data sources and technological resources, as long as there are no copyright or other legal violations.

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