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Struggling to find answers in a sea of spreadsheets, presentations and reports? ATOM can help your organization gain new business insights by using leading visualization technologies to organize your data into meaningful, interactive graphics and dashboards.

We dig deep down inside big data to:

  • Harness the power of the crowd through social media analytics.
  • Transform your business data into actionable insights.
  • Develop customized data warehousing solutions to empower strategic decision-making.
  • Monetize your data assets to create new revenue.

Technology Consulting

How can you leverage new technologies to transform your organization into a digital enterprise? ATOM can determine the best technology solutions to enable your organization to operate faster and better, and help you to: 

  • Learn how to use your information systems' infrastructure to drive your business strategy.
  • Leverage emerging technology for sustainable growth.
  • Discover new ways to use information technology to create business value.
  • Manage information systems security, supply chain, and operational risks.
  • Learn how to integrate the “Internet of Things”—the idea that eventually everything will be connected to each other, and the internet—into your business to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation. 

Operations Management

Unleash the true power of your supply chain through innovative business models powered by process and quality improvements, enterprise systems, mobility, cloud and analytical insights.

ATOM can unlock product and service innovation and operational processes by helping you to: 

  • Leverage real-time analytics that predict machine failures and recommend preventative actions.
  • Reveal the power of analytical tools and methods to enhance operational performance.
  • Develop operations strategies that improve production processes.
  • Uncover the most effective combination of systems and technology to execute your operational strategy. 
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