AIS 2020 Analytics Challenge Pre-Competition Hosted by ATOMScoring Criteria

The story

Ability to tell a clear, vivid, compelling story.

  • Clarity (the graphic/visualization stands on its own without additional explanation).
  • Novelty/creativity (exhibits originality of thought; unusual way of approaching the data).
  • Insight (the graphic/visualization provides meaningful understanding of the data).
  • Utility (ability of the graphic to aid decision making).

The background and the analysis

Ability to conduct thorough, accurate, and appropriate analysis.

  • Relevance (analysis relates to the problem statement; appropriate tools and techniques were utilized).
  • Completeness (degree to which the analysis answers the stated question).
  • Depth (sophistication of the analysis – appropriate integration of multiple data sources to yield new insights).
  • Consistency (conclusions are logically and reasonably consistent with the analysis).
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