AIS 2021 Analytics Challenge Hosted by ATOMJudging Criteria

Quality of the analysis performed and/or solution proposed

  1. Novelty/creativity/innovativeness – team demonstrated an original and potentially unexpected approach to the data analysis and/or proposal of solution(s).

  2. Insight – team provided interesting and meaningful findings and interpretations.

  3. Relevance – team’s analysis relates to the problem statement; team utilized appropriate tools and techniques.

  4. Scope – team incorporated an adequate amount and variety of data analysis and/or research which were utilized appropriately within the solution proposal(s).

  5. Utility – team drew accurate conclusions and were clear about the implications for decision making and strategy.

Quality of the PRESENTATION of the analysis and/or solution

  1. Clarity – during the presentation, team provided a well-organized, complete, and clear description of the approach taken, research conducted, data utilized, and conclusions reached.

  2. Consistency – during the presentation, team delivered conclusions and proposed solution(s) that were logically and reasonably consistent with the data analysis and research conducted.

  3. Quality and effectiveness – during the presentation, team utilized suitable visuals and delivery style that worked to create a convincing and compelling narrative.

  4. Engagement – during the presentation, multiple team members presented and/or participated by responding to questions. Overall, the team members exhibited command of the topic and sense of passion and enthusiasm for the ideas presented.

  5. Documentation – team identified all sources of data and research; provided links to data sources and other documents (cited supporting research).
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