Department of FinanceMission

  • The Department will provide well-trained graduates to the local, national and international business communities by providing excellent undergraduate and graduate courses and programs to students and businesses with links to South Florida.  Specifically the Department will:
    • Provide access to programs and courses that prepare graduates for the financial, managerial and global economic challenges of the 21st Century, through the Career Management Services department.
    • Provide education  on the formulation and implementation of managerial and financial strategies as they relate to the flow of resources and the management of corporations and institutions.
    • Support and reward the continued production of outside funding of research through grants or other means.
    • Support the growth of the MSF (Master of Science in Finance) program and ensure its sustained performance in meeting the needs of the South Florida business community.
    • Continue to support doctoral program in Finance.
    • Attract local, national, and international students, and
    • Prepare students for the global integration and restructuring of the financial, managerial, and economic dimensions of business.
  • The Department will build a diverse faculty of excellent teachers and scholars that contributes to basic and applied research.
  • The Department will develop curriculum and instructional materials and integrate information technologies into the teaching and content of all programs.
  • The Department will engage the business community in the continual improvement of existing programs and the development of new educational and research projects.
  • The Department will support existing centers within the college and university and will develop and support centers within the finance department when appropriate.
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