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Dr. Herbert A. WertheimDr. Herbert A. Wertheim, a long-time supporter of Florida International University and of our college as well as a member of the university’s Board of  Trustees, endowed the Wertheim Lecture series in 1993 to bring distinguished speakers and experts in business leadership and entrepreneurship to campus to  address the college’s students, faculty, and alumni.

Featured Speakers 2016

Carlos A. Migoya Wetheim Lecture

Carlos A. Migoya, BBA '74, MBA '76
President & Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Health System

Five years after taking over one of the nation's largest public hospital systems, Mr. Migoya has led a transformation that has set Jackson on path to financial stability, improved quality and patient satisfaction and spearheaded a successful campaign for an $830 million taxpayer bond to plan, modernize and expand Jackson's facilities.

Featured Speakers 2015

John Zamora

John Zamora, BAcc ’94, MAcc ’96

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Manuel J. Perez

Manuel J. Perez de la Mesa, BBA '77

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Featured Speakers 2014

David A. Rocker

David A. Rocker (February 4)

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Featured Speakers 2013

Richard Bernstein

Richard Bernstein (October 16th)

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Ruben J. King-Shaw Jr.

Ruben J. King-Shaw Jr., MIB '1987, MHSA '1986 (September 18th)

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John Mackey

John Mackey (April 4th)

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Carl Allegretti

Carl Allegretti (March 7th)

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Featured Speakers 2012

Manuel Medina

Manuel Medina (October 18th)

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Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez (September 20th)

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