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Academic Programs

Developing Top Business Talent

Start with a diverse group of faculty from around the world – most of whom have both hands-on business experience and the highest educational accreditations in their field. Add the best-in-class resources they need to succeed. Position them within one of the most dynamic multi-national business regions in the nation. Then watch how they guide and inspire students to become the top business leaders of tomorrow.

Undergraduate programs: More than 6,000 students travel from many different countries to complete our fully-accredited undergraduate business school program. We offer traditional, online, and blended courses, including our top-ranked international business program.

Graduate programs: Today’s executives need savvy international market knowledge; a strong comfort level with complex technology and confident collaborative skills that impress and reassure industry leaders. Discover how our graduate program covers it all.

PhD programs: The formula for academia success is three-fold: excellence in research; knowledge creation; and teaching. Our PhD programs provide you with the methodological and analytical tools to master all three to build your rewarding academic career.

Executive and professional programs: Gain a competitive edge with customized programs that address today’s priorities, issues and objectives, all driven by experienced international business faculty; industry experts and senior executives.

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