Professional BBACourses

The Professional BBA Weekend program consists of ten business core courses and ten management courses pre-selected for a particular cohort. Students in the Professional BBA Weekend program earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in management and international business. Please contact the Professional BBA program office to determine which courses will be offered in each of the cohorts scheduled for 2019-2020. The Professional BBA office can be reached by phone at 305-348-4052 or e-mail us at

The Professional BBA Weekend program includes eight courses in the management major.

Two additional 4000 level management courses complete the management major requirements.

For an additional International Business major, three additional IB electives are required outside the program. See an advisor for suggestions.

Successful completion of the Professional BBA Weekend program depends on compliance with the college's academic standards as well as the policies of the Professional BBA program.

FALL A    
Session 1 August 24 – October 12   
MAN 3025 Organization and Management  
FIN 3403 Financial Management   
FALL B    
Session 2 October 19 – December 14
ENT 4113 Entrepreneurship: New Dev 8:00 – 10:30
COM3112 Communication for Business 10:45 - 12:25
GEB 3003 Career Management 12:40 - 1:30
Spring A    
Session 3  January 11 – February 29  
ISM 3011 Introduction to Information Systems Management  
MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing  
Spring B    
Session 4

March 7 – April 25

QMB 3200 Applied Statistics for Business  
MAN 4602 International Business  
Summer A    
Session 5

May 2 – June 20

QMB 4680 Operation Analysis  
MAN 4301 Human Resource Management  
Summer B    
Session 6 June 22 – July 31  
6 weeks IB elective  
Fully on-line or study abroad IB elective  
Fall A    
Session 7 August 22 – October 10  
MAN 4771 Executive Skill Development  
MAR 4156 International Marketing  
Fall B    
Session 8 October 17 – December 12   
BUL 4310 Legal Environment of Business  
MAN 4600 International Management  
Spring A    
Session 9 January 9 – February 27   
FIN 4604 International Financial Management  
MAN 4720 Strategic Management  
Spring B    
Session 10 March 6 – April 24   
MAN 4633 MNC Strategy  
MAN 4151 Organizational Behavior  

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