Minor in General Marketing

All roads lead to customer satisfaction in some way, and even if you don't sell or market to customers personally, all professionals must consider how their business decisions will ultimately impact the customer.

The general marketing minor gives you the knowledge and skills to understand customers, and how to position a product or service to satisfy their wants and needs. You'll learn the essentials of product planning and management, distribution, marketing research, retailing, advertising and promotion, consumer behavior, customer relations, and global marketing.

This minor provides valuable insights for every professional who will be making strategic decisions about products, services, internal processes, procedures, and staffing for a company or organization. This includes teams in sales, product development, finance, MIS, management, HR, operations, client/customer service, and every other business role within a public or private sector organization.


Credit Hours


Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in each course to earn the minor designation.

  • Minors will be awarded at graduation along with your major degree.

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