Minor in Business AnalyticsCourses

Required Courses

Students are required to complete one of the following courses (3 credit hours):

  • QMB 3200 Business Statistics Analysis I (Business majors)
  • ECO 3410 Measurement and Analysis of Economic Activity (non-Business majors *)
  • STA 3033 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for CS (non-Business majors *)
  • STA 3112 Statistics II (non-Business majors *)
  • STA 3123 Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences II (non-Business majors *)
  • STA 3145 Statistics for the Health Professions (non-Business majors *)

In addition, students must complete all three of the following courses (9 credit hours):

  • ISM 4400 Managerial Information Analysis
  • ISM 4402 Business Intelligence and Reporting **
  • ISM 4420 Business Analytics **

Students are required to receive a grade of “C” or higher in each course. 

* Statistics courses for non-Business majors cover requisite material need for the Minor in Business Analytics, but do NOT constitute equivalent courses to QMB 3200 Core Business Requirement for all Business majors.

** These courses may not be offered in Summer. To verify course availability, please contact the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at isba@fiu.edu


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