Honors in International BusinessUnique Features

The Honors in International Business program shares advanced business skills that reflect emerging trends in international business, while immersing you in an innovative, multicultural environment to hone your global business approach:

  • Courses in international business and management taught by our expert international faculty, as well as personalized academic and career guidance
  • Electives in regional studies with specific focus on: Asia, Latin America, or Europe
  • Study Abroad opportunities
  • Inclusion in Department of Management and International Business special events
  • Networking opportunities in dynamic Miami: the heart of international commerce and global city/gateway to the world

International Business Experience

Experience the real world of international business as you participate in an international business program activity. Your requirement can be filled by enrollment in a study abroad program or an international business internship anywhere in the world.

Regional Expertise

Acquire regional expertise in a specific area of the world: you can study abroad in Africa, East Asia, Central Asia, Europe, South America, or Central America, depending on area of the world your choose.

This regional expertise requirement is fulfilled by advance preparation for travel abroad through coursework in the language, business practices, and culture of the region chosen. You may also participate in Student Exchange Programs.

Business Function Proficiency

Gain exposure to all major business areas of International Business, as well as Functional Proficiency in a particular business area such as international marketing, international finance, or international management.

Honors Project

Your Honors in IB program project can be fulfilled via an individual thesis; as part of a team entering a national case or business plan competition; or by developing an individual business plan.

Join the International Business Honors Society

Participate in community service programs, national conferences, and other developmental activities.

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