Undergraduate ProgramsCertificate in Sales and Customer Relationship Management

The better a business manages its relationship with its customers, the more successful and profitable it will become. That direct relationship of sales and customer relationship management to bottom-line profitability means that businesses value and reward those leaders who know to nurture those relationships to drive higher organizational success.

This certificate is designed to enhance the essential knowledge and skills you must possess to manage sales and customer relationships successfully, balancing competitive product and service delivery with sustainable profitability and growth.

This certificate program offered by the Department of Marketing is open to all FIU degree-seeking undergraduate students and is designed to offer you the opportunity to complement your major field of study with an additional concentration in in Sales and Customer Relationship Management.

MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4400
Personal Selling (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4415 Advanced Professional Selling (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4860 Customer Relationship Management (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Choose two (2) of the following:

MAR 4403 Sales Management (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4404 Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4643 Decision Making & Negotiations (Fall, Spring)

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