Undergraduate ProgramsCertificate in Import-Export and Supply Chain Management

As businesses expand and reach for international consumerism the importance of managerial skills in the import-export industry has increased. This certificate emphasizes the practical approaches to export marketing and marketing strategies used by individual firms to serve foreign markets. The required courses for this certificate detail operational methods of identifying, establishing, and consolidating export markets while using logistic policy and strategy.  

Gaining a working knowledge of logistics and supply chain management is valuable to students across many fields, particularly engineering, politics, architecture, environmental studies, sustainability, economics, international relations, tourism management, hospitality management, health administration, and public administration.  

MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4144
Export Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
TRA 4203 Principles of Logistics (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Choose one (1) of the following:

TRA 4721 Global Logistics (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4156 International Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Choose two (2) of the following:

MAR 4203 Marketing Channels (Fall, Spring)
TRA 4202 Logistics Technology (Fall)
TRA 4214 Logistics Strategy (Spring)

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