Undergraduate ProgramsCertificate in Health and Fitness Marketing

Health and fitness career opportunities are available far and wide. This certificate is designed to enhance a student’s knowledge of how marketing principles, practices, and strategies can be applied to the many health marketing and fitness marketing opportunities that exist in business, health, education, entertainment, and other fields. This certificate includes courses in the fundamentals of marketing with specific emphasis on health, fitness, sports marketing, sponsorship and consumer behavior, plus electives in personal selling, small business marketing, and marketing communications.

The program is offered by the Department of Marketing and open to all FIU degree-seeking undergraduate students, regardless of major. 

Any business student who wants to complement their major field of study with additional insights into health and fitness marketing.

MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4712 Health and Fitness Marketing (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4711 Sports Marketing and Sponsorship (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Choose two (2) of the following:

MAR 4025 Marketing of Small Business Enterprises (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4400 Personal Selling (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4233 Social Media & E-Marketing Design (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MAR 4323 Integrated Marketing Communications (Fall, Spring)
MAR 4941 Health and/or Fitness Marketing Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)

To apply, please consult your primary advisor to ensure there is room in your graduation plan to include the certificate and have them place a note on your file. Next, go to go.fiu.edu/cbadvise to request the addition.

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