Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Whether you want to manage people, lead a business unit or shape your company's strategy, the management degree will provide you with the solid foundation you need to succeed. Graduates will emerge ready to effectively plan and organize, and fulfill leadership roles. You may choose a general management course of study, or pursue the major with a track in entrepreneurship, green management, leadership or change management. 


Credit Hours


Entrepreneurship, Green Management, or Leadership and Change Management track

  • The management degree seeks to provide undergraduate students with a broad overview of organizational management. It offers a flexible program of courses that emphasizes the most current knowledge in the profession.

Learning Goals

Unique Skills

Identify the functions of financial markets and institutions and examine their impact on the level of interest rates and interest rate differentials.

Learn Advanced Concepts

Investigate advanced time value of money concepts and extend these concepts to mortgage mathematics, commercial mathematics, and capital budgeting.


Explore the international integration of financial markets and analyze implications for financial managers.

Informed Decisions

Examine the nature of the commercial banking business. Ascertain the measures of bank return and risk performance and how they are applied to bank valuation decisions and management performance assessment.

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