Bachelor of Business Administration in ManagementCourses

60 credits of lower division course work including business pre-core courses.

60 credits of upper division course work, including business core courses, including business core courses, international business courses, and upper division business electives.

Management courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

Management Courses

MAN 4301 Human Resource Management
MAN 4151 Organizational Behavior
MAN 4771 Executive Skill Development

Plus two of the following courses:

MAN 3100 Happiness at work
MAN 4164 Leadership
MAN 4102 Managing Diversity
ENT 4113 Entrepreneurship New Business Development
GEB 4110 Writing the Business Plan
MAN 4065 Business Ethics
MAN 4600 International Management

Management major electives

Two 3/4xxx level offered by any department in the College of Business are required (6 credits).

Upper Division Business Elective Requirements

Management majors may take any 3000 level or higher course preferably inside the College of Business to satisfy their Upper Division Business Elective requirement. All upper division electives outside the College of Business must demonstrate a relationship to business and receive the approval of the Global Leadership and Management Department Chair.

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