Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

In today’s global economy, the vast majority of businesses require the movement of information, goods, products, supplies, materials, and people in order to fulfill the organization’s goals and to provide benefits to the communities the organization serves.

With a degree in logistics and supply chain management, you'll be able to provide global organizations with a competitive edge through learn, efficient operations. You'll learn the critical skills and specialized knowledge to reduce inventory costs, streamline processes, improve the customer experience and enhance profitability.


Credit Hours


A grade of 'C' or higher is required in all business pre-core courses.

  • Provides in-depth knowledge of logistics and supply chain concepts, best practices, and current tools of the trade.

Learning Goals

Supply Chain Management

Understand the relationship between Supply Chain Management and other functional organizational areas including Sales and Marketing, Finance, Trade and Compliance, and Human Resources.

Alternative Approaches

Devise alternative approaches for inventory management including, but not limited to, Materials Requirement Planning, Just-In-Time, and Distribution Requirement Planning.

Impact of Supply Chain

Demonstrate the impact of Supply Chain Management decisions on financial implications.

Improve Performance

Explain how multimodal transportation management strategies are used to improve supply chain performance.

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