Bachelor of Business Administration in International BusinessCourses

60 credits of lower division course work including  business pre-core courses.

60 credits of upper division course work, including  business core courses, international business courses, and upper division business electives.

International business courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

International Business Courses

International Business majors must take 21 credit-hours from the following list:

IB Required Courses (5 courses, 15 credit-hours)

FIN 4604 International Financial Management- GL
MAN 4602 International Business
MAR 4156 International Marketing
MAN 4633 MNC Strategy
MAN 4442 International Business Negotiations OR any 3000 level or higher language course (3 credits) with the prefixes ABT, CHI, FRE, GER, HAI, ITA, JPN, POR, SPN or equivalent

IB Electives ( 2 courses, 6 credit hours)

ECO4701 World Economy
ECO4703 Int Trade Theory
ECO4713 Intl Macroeconomics
ENT4704 Intl Entrepreneurship
FIN 3652 Asian Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN4633 Intl Capital Mkts
FIN4634 Intl Banking
FIN4651 Lat Am Fin Mkt & Ins
FIN4663 Global Priv Banking
MAN4203 Multilateral Ldrship
MAN 4600 International Management
MAN 4653 Foreign Direct Investment
MAN4610 Intl HR
MAN4613 Int'L Risk Assessmen
MAN4660 Bus In Latin America
MAN4661 Business in Asia
MAN4662 Business in Europe
MAN4663 Bus in Caribbean
MAN4664 Business in Africa
MAN4671 Special Topics Ib
MAN4672 IB Reg and Ethics
MAN4673 Trade Policy and Bus
MAN4690 Indep Study In Ib
MAN4712 IB - Gov Relations
MAN4946 Int'L Bus Internship
MAN4956 Study Abroad in IB
MAR 4144 Export Marketing
MAR 4203 Marketing Channels
MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior
MAR 4733 Digital Marketing
REE4956 Intl Real Estate
TRA4721 Global Logistics

Upper Division Business Elective Requirements

IB majors may take any 3000 level or higher course preferably inside or outside the College of Business to satisfy their Upper Division Business Elective requirement. All upper division electives outside the College of Business must demonstrate a relationship to international business and receive the approval of the IB Department Chair.

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