Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems

Undergraduate business students opting to pursue a BBA in Information Systems (IS) will gain a solid foundation in the design, use, and management of databases, enterprise systems, information security and telecommunications technology. The IS program provides students with the background needed to give informational support for decision-making through business analytics and to understand complex project management initiatives.

Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in the information systems field, either in user- or system-oriented departments.


Credit Hours


A grade of 'C' or higher is required in all business pre-core courses.

  • This degree provides students with the background they need to give informational support for decision-making in organizations and to understand the impact that information systems have on the business enterprise. 

Learning Goals

Solve Organizational Problems

Recognize and analyze business problems and opportunities, apply systems development methodologies to elicit and analyze customer requirements.

Propose IS Based Solutions

Propose information systems-based solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible, and organizationally viable.

Communicate to Stakeholders

Communicate, orally and in writing, information systems solutions to the various stakeholders.

Improve Decision Making

Use information systems to provide customers with the data, information, and knowledge to make decisions.

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