Bachelor of Business Administration Finance MajorCourses

60 credits of lower division course work including business pre-core courses.

60 credits of upper division course work, including business core courses, finance major courses, and upper division business electives.

Finance major courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

Finance Major Courses

FIN 3414 Intermediate Finance
FIN 4324 Commercial Bank Management
FIN 4303 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 4502 Securities Analysis
FIN 4604 International Financial Management or
FIN 4634 International Banking
FIN 4486 Financial Risk Management-Financial Engineering
FINXXXX Finance Elective (Select from the following: FIN 3140, FIN 3560, FIN 3561, FIN 4345, FIN 4461, FIN 4651, FIN 4663, FIN 4744, OR FIN 4941)


REEXXXX Real Estate Elective

NOTE: Not all electives are offered every term, please verify with your business advisor or online at (class search).


Four upper division business electives.

Talk to an advisor in order to obtain list of qualified electives in any specific semester.

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