Landon Undergraduate SchoolAdmission Requirements


Incoming high school applicants must adhere to university admission requirements and deadlines. For more information, go to


The Landon Undergraduate School of Business admits students based upon criteria as shown below. Applicants to the College of Business (COB) must submit all admission forms and documentation by the deadlines found on the link below.

Application deadline:
Deposit deadline:

Students are strongly advised to apply early. The COB reserves the right to close admissions earlier than the above dates.

Effective Fall 2016

  • Earn a Pre-core GPA of 2.5
  • Earn an overall GPA of 2.5
  • Completion of either (a) all UCC requirements and 60 lower division credits, or (b) an Associate of Arts (AA) from a Florida accredited institution.
  • All transfer students must also complete the Math Placement Assessment for Incoming Students. The results from that assessment are utilized to guide students for placement in appropriate mathematics courses.
  • For transfer students who have not successfully completed college-level mathematics courses, results determine appropriate mathematics enrollment. Students transferring in college-level mathematics courses should use their results to assess (a) readiness for remaining mathematics courses and (b) readiness for upper-division Business Core Courses in finance and quantitative methods.

Select the option that fits your needs to find out more detailed requirements for admission.


Students who have been admitted into an undergraduate program in the College, but who have not enrolled in any course at the University for two or more consecutive semesters (excluding summer) must complete an application for readmission. Those eligible for readmission are subject to the University and the Colleges degree program regulations in effect at the time of readmission.

Transfer students with fewer than sixty credit hours or international students transferring from a non-U.S. institution must meet the same requirements and follow the same procedures as freshmen entering Florida International University. See the FIU Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

Transient Students

Fully enrolled, degree-seeking students who attend another accredited college or university may apply to take courses at the college for one semester at a time. You must show proof of your status, which for most students requires obtaining a transient student form from the registrar’s office of your parent institution and submitting it to our university’s Office of the Registrar. You must repeat this process for each semester in which you wish to take courses as a transient student. You must also meet any requirements for enrollment in the specific courses you wish to take.

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