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Professional MBAOnline vs. On-campus MBA

Going back to school to earn an MBA is no small decision, and before deciding on your program, the question to ask yourself is whether a fully online or on-campus program is right for you.

Online MBA programs’ perceptions are increasingly positive nowadays. Institutions have seen a real need to offer flexible MBA programs to busy professionals. Accrediting organizations and universities have come together to develop flexible yet rigorous online programs that mirror their on-campus counterparts.

FIU has been a pioneer in online education since 1998 and has successfully delivered most of its College of Business graduate programs fully online – including its Professional MBA program.

So, how do FIU’s on-campus MBA program differ from the online programs? We’ll discuss their similarities and differences in hopes of helping prospective students choose the program that suits their needs best.

The in-person Professional MBA

There are three different in-person Professional MBA programs at FIU. They vary in location, time of classes, and length.

Location Classes Length of Program
Professional MBA Weekend Miramar Saturday 16
Professional MBA Downtown Brickell Evening 16
Professional MBA Flex Brickell Evening 20


Their curriculums are identical. What differs is the number of classes you take per semester. You’ll cover topics like:

  • Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics
  • Negotiation
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Information Systems
  • And others

You will also be able to choose one of our eight specializations:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Marketing Channel Strategy
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Real Estate


The classes are taught in-person with an online component for maximum flexibility. These face-to-face programs are great for those who need the structure of attending class at a designated date and time. It keeps you on track making sure you do not fall behind. You'll benefit from the regular class discussions with your professors and peers. Not to mention, build a stronger connection with them.

Access to university facilities and services

Students who attend on-campus programs also have easier access to the university’s facilities and resources, including libraries, clubs and organizations, advising, career development office and others.

Start terms

These in-person programs also have their own designated start terms. The programs will either start in January or August with not much flexibility. The best part of this is you’ll be assigned to a cohort and attend classes with the same group of students, building personal and professional relationships that will provide long-term benefits.


Lastly, these programs differ in tuition costs in comparison to the online MBA program. Visit the FIU Professional MBA website for the most up-to-date tuition breakdown.

The Professional MBA Online

FIU’s Professional MBA Online program closely replicates the in-person program with just a few changes.

More flexibility with start terms and length of the program

To begin with, the online MBA has plenty of flexibility. You’ll have the option of choosing between three different pacing tracks to finish your program, which include:

  • 33 months
  • 21 months
  • 18 months

You’ll also have the option to start in any of the following months:

  • January
  • March
  • May/June
  • August
  • October

This type of flexibility means you do not have a designated cohort. It can become harder to build a deep connection with classmates, but you will be able to meet with a geographically diverse group of students and make connections across the globe.

Online, but not alone: 2-day residency

To create real-world connections, online MBA students can take part in an optional 2-day residency program. This is their opportunity to visit campus and socialize with their professors and peers. They’ll also have activities that include:

  • Expert Speakers on Hot Topics
  • Case-Method Analysis
  • Team-Building Workshop
  • Etiquette Luncheon
  • Networking Events

Those online MBA students who live near the campus are always welcome to attend all other events hosted on campus throughout the year.


Curriculum and specializations are identical to the in-person programs, although online MBA students do have the option to choose more than one specialization at an additional cost.

Freedom requires self-discipline

Online classes also demand a lot of self-discipline and motivation. You’ll have the flexibility of watching lectures and doing work at any time and from any location around the world. You have to be disciplined enough to dedicate time to it daily.

You'll participate in case studies, discussions, and group projects, and staying on top of your work will be crucial in completing your program.

Technology plays a big role

Being a part of an online program also means you’ll need reliable technology, fast internet, and strong writing skills to succeed. You'll develop unique communication skills since all your interactions are virtual, and you'll learn to use the latest technology.

Open to those who do not live in Miami

The best part of the online MBA program is that it’s 100% accessible to those who live outside of Miami, Florida, or even the United States. Even though the residency is highly recommended, it is optional. The entire program can be completed online, giving an opportunity to those who do not have access to high-quality programs where they are located.


Tuition for the online MBA does differ from the in-person programs. One benefit is that there isn’t a change of cost for those who live out-of-state. Visit the online Professional MBA website for the most up-to-date tuition breakdown.

Choosing your Program

We encourage those who have the ability and means to attend physical classes to do so. Your in-person interactions and discussions will provide great learning opportunities and the chance to develop the necessary soft skills that are essential for managers and leaders.

If an in-person program is not feasible for you due to your location, job or family commitments, our Professional MBA Online program provides our highly-ranked MBA program fully online and gives access to the same resources that our traditional students receive.

For more information about the programs, you can attend an online information session for the traditional Professional MBA programs or the Professional MBA Online.

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