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The FIU MBA Professional Development Plan

Professional development is a life-long process. The Professional MBA at FIU is an important step in that process, but it is neither the beginning nor the end of the acquisition and improvement of new competencies. Course work plays an essential part in a student’s development, but FIU also offers a series of instructional modules that MBA students take, as part of their own Plan for Professional Development. These non-credit modules or seminars – in a variety of instructional formats – are designed to make the MBA graduate savvier, attuned to people and markets. They are the “MBA Passport” to success.

The FIU MBA Professional Development Seminars

1. Accounting Accelerator (3 hours)

The on-line session covers various topics including accounting terms and concepts, understanding the balance sheet, and analyzing the statement of cash flows.

2. Team-Building (8 hours) 

This seminar includes: classroom exercises in group decision-making and problem-solving environments, and challenging outdoor exercises to help build the skills needed to work together in the MBA program and succeed in today’s team-based organizations.

3. Presentation Skills (10 hours – 2 online and 8 in-class)

The workshop focuses on developing a critical understanding of the foundation of a good presentation, followed by an impromptu presentation and critical feedback. The workshop will also permit the students to practice delivering their content with power and passion.

4. Lean Six Sigma (3 hours in class session and 28 hours online)

The Professional MBA program offers students the ability to acquire a yellow belt in lean six sigma.

Lean Six Sigma is one of the most widely used quality management approaches in the business world, utilized to gain production and operational efficiencies, as well as, customer service improvements.

5. Improvisation for Business Managers (12 hours)

Improv training helps to hone the necessary skills to respond creatively, thoughtfully, and productively – especially in situations which differ from one’s cultural and professional expectations.

6. Negotiations (4 hours) 

The seminar will improve students’ ability to negotiate in a professional setting.  Students practice the steps that lead to a successful negotiation. 

7. Leadership (4 hours)

This seminar provides an understanding of situational, transformational, and adaptive leadership theories.  It leadership skills that will boost your work performance

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