Current Position: Manager, Flight Operations Support Programs, Delta Air Lines

I manage the training operations for the new hire pilots as well as the existing pilots for the 4th largest ultra-low-cost carrier in the nation.


As my career started to grow, I realized that to be an integral part of my organization, to really make a difference, and help the organization grow and be better, I had to find ways to analyze data, to understand the technology, and understand what the data means. That pushed me to go to FIU, to continue growing my career and learn how to do these things.

As the industry is shifting into analytics and data, I wanted to increase my knowledge of not only the technology but also the process of analyzing it, quantifying it, figuring out how to locate trends and insights that help me make better business decisions. 

If you’re thinking about it, contemplating going and continuing your education with an MBA, that means you are already at a point in your life that you need something to get you to the next level. The program at FIU is the program that is going to get you to that next level.

Going into the program, my original expectations were just to be challenged academically. At any school, that’s what your goal is. But I did not expect the program to change me personally. I graduated as a much different person than who I was when I started the program.

Not only is my company international, but my industry. Being able to also identify how different cultures see business, the way they partake in my industry played a huge part in where I wanted to go to school.

One of the things I enjoyed the most that I did not expect to get from my MBA program was the networking with faculty, staff and alumni. The opportunity to meet many people at different levels in their career and a range of industries helped me not only become better at making relationships, but it expanded my professional network, which was very important to me.

I feel that now I see challenges more as opportunities than I did before when I saw hurdles, which has helped me grow into being a better leader.

I would describe the Professional MBA program as challenging, transformational, and inspiring. 

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