Current Position: HR Business Partner, Amazon

The flexibility of the PMBA program is what initially brought me into the program. The schedule was perfect for providing a platform that would allow me to continue my professional responsibilities as well as earn a world-class education simultaneously. 

When I first enrolled with the PMBA program, there were three things I hoped to get out of the program. My irst hope was career advancement post-graduation, then I wanted transferable skills and finally a broadened and diverse network. All three of which I received tenfold plus so many other unexpected benefits to my professional life as well as my non-work life. 

Going through the PMBA program, it was almost instant that I noticed where I needed improvement and where I excelled. Although the curriculum included strategic management, finance, accounting and the other needed or expected MBA courses that advance your technical skills, they are not the skills I would say were the best ones I put in my toolbox. I truly believe the best tools added were what I learned about myself personally within the program and how I was able to adjust and apply it within my organization.

Organizational behavior is the focus of the human dimension in business, and throughout the program, you really see that side of business within the individuals and cohorts you work with. This will improve your communication skills, leadership skills and, most importantly, your interpersonal skills. FIU’s Chapman Graduate School of Business gave me the foundation and the tools I needed to advance my career, increase my skills and most importantly it gave me the platform I needed to reach my goals.

My top three favorite courses were strategic management, business statistical analysis and business operations. All three really advanced my business acumen and confidence in the workplace.

The recruitment team is world-class. From before the application to post-graduation, it has been a pleasure working with the entire team. From the interview and vetting process to orientation to our professional development workshops to all our courses, they play an active and supportive role, ensuring that we are building on our knowledge.

The student experience team is so supportive and active in our time at FIU. They want you to succeed and will push you to use them as resources; they will guide you, get you involved, push you to develop yourself and ultimately achieve your goals.

All the professors are distinguished and highly regarded as leaders in their field of study. They are eager for you as a student and professional to be successful. They go beyond the call of duty; they know what they are teaching you and are very confident in the classroom because the material is their specialty. The professors are engaging and interactive, but most importantly, they are challenging and clear in their expectations. They understand us as students who are also professionals, they listen to us and advise us, but they will always hold us accountable and to a higher standard.

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