Current Position: Digital Product and Operations Manager, Motorsport Network

I already had different assets, tools or abilities that I needed, but then that wasn’t enough for me because I just felt that I had reached my ceiling. I wanted to grow in a different way. I wanted to go more into the executive part of my job.

I was at a point in my career in which I knew for a fact that if I wanted to grow as a professional, I needed more tools. I just didn’t have what was necessary at the moment to keep growing as an executive . I knew I needed more tools, I knew I needed to grow.

Nowadays, I help my supervisors construct business plans and make projections. After the first few classes, I would attend meetings with executives and it was like a whole new world opened up for me. I was completely understanding everything that they were saying.

At my job, it has helped me, but I’ve also poured all the knowledge into starting my own e-commerce business.

I chose FIU because if you work in a global company, you need to be exposed to different cultures and people from different backgrounds. It enriches the way you do business and the way you approach new ventures. 

The people that I got to share the classroom with were very professional, goal-oriented and very multicultural. It certainly enriches the way you do business and the way you approach new ventures.

They were like a family that was very competitive, yet supportive and understanding.

The faculty seemed to be really engaged and invested in making sure the students would learn.

In my personal experience, the whole staff was always very helpful, and the student team I had was really special, we currently talk to each other to catch up, help and advise each other where and when possible, they became true friends.

If I had to choose three words to describe the Professional MBA program at FIU, I would say it’s useful, it’s reliable and it’s fun.

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