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Attain First Class Credentials with the Professional MBA Online

If you are ready to take your career and earnings potential to the highest level, an MBA degree can help you get there. An MBA from Florida International University (FlU) enables you to reach ultimate career goals, whether you seek the role of a key corporate executive or a successful business owner.

The FIU Professional MBA (PMBA) Online program prepares you to:

  • Understand business processes and strategic management
  • Effectively evaluate the financial position of organizations by analyzing balance sheets, cash flow statements, and budgets
  • Lead teams and promote collaboration
  • Identify ethical problems and choose appropriate resolutions
  • Analyze complex business issues and recommend sound solutions in local and global governments
  • Work remotely and collaborate with international teams

FIU Delivers Flexibility Through Different Program Options

Our PMBA Online is offered five (5) times a year in three (3) different tracks so that students can to choose the pace that is best for them.

Start Dates

  • January
  • March
  • May/June
  • August
  • October


Duration Pacing Format For students who…
Track A 33 months 1 course per 8-week quarter Want to take their time.
Track B 21 months Rotating 1-2 course(s) per 8-week quarter Want to balance their course load.
Track C 18 months 2 courses per 8-week quarter Want to move quickly toward graduation and beyond.

It is important to note that your choice of track and start date may affect your financial aid options. However, as you move through the application process, our recruitment team is here to work with you 1-on-1 to select which track and start date is best for you!

Online but Not Alone – Removing the Distance

We understand the disconnect that students can experience in an online program so we offer several opportunities to remove some of the distance between you and the campus. As an FIU Panther, we want to make sure you have the same opportunities as your fellow on-campus students. These opportunities include:

  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Industry Nights
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Support Staff
  • Business Career Management

You will have a chance to network with your fellow classmates and alumni while learning and developing new career-enhancing skills.

As a student in the Professional MBA Online program, you will be assigned to a dedicated Program Manager from our dedicated Student Experience team. They will offer you support in the following areas:

  • Direct point of contact to students regarding personal and academic issues
  • Deliver support regarding course scheduling and overall student communications
  • Liaise between students and other departments within FIU
  • Provide academic support such as course registration, notification of holds, program advisement, and preparation for graduation
  • Monitor students' progress to ensure that they successfully meet all program requirements
  • Assist in the organization and administration of Professional Development Seminars, and graduation celebrations


Get to Know Our Student Experience Team

If you could travel anywhere outside of the US, where would you visit?

Iceland is at the top of my list. There are many sites to see there, however, the one thing that attracts me the most is being able to see the Northern Lights (Aurora). I can only imagine what it would be like to see the sky light up with all those colors.

Sara Ormaza
Associate Director, PMBA Online

What is your favorite thing to do with your downtime?

My favorite thing to do is read. When I find a good book, I could get lost in it’s pages for hours on end.

Carlos A. Santos III
Program Manager

If you could travel anywhere you haven’t been, where would it be and why? 

I would travel to Andalusia in Spain and learn more about the Flamenco culture. The Romani have a unique way of living and they express a lot of passion in their music and dance. I would like to feel that passion.

Marisabel Perez-Trejo
Program Coordinator

What is your favorite thing to do with your downtime? 

Playing Switch and taking my dog to the dog park.

PJ Arroyo
Program Coordinator

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