Professional MBA Online2-Day Residency

Removing the Distance with a 2-Day Residency

We host a 2-day MBA student residency in Miami. While this is not required, we highly recommend it. It is a great opportunity for students to come to our beautiful campus to meet their professors, the program’s administrators, and network with their peers.

During the 2-Day Residency, we focus on developing soft, career-enhancing skills. Activities include:

  • Expert Speakers on Hot Topics
  • Case-Method Analysis
  • Team-Building Workshop
  • Etiquette Luncheon
  • Networking Events

The Residency is included in tuition and provides a valuable pathway to enhance your overall student experience. Take advantage of this chance and grow your professional networks - we look forward to meeting you!

Students Speak on Residency Experience

“You get to interact and exchange information and have those contacts for any questions you have in the future. It was great...It gave me so much more information that I had not received prior to beginning the semester.”
— Michelle Acosta

“You get to relate with [classmates] and learn from their experiences. You realize you're not the only one trying to go up the ladder and maybe feeling unappreciated or too young to be trusted. We also had some very important sessions with university leaders.”
— Yusimay Gonzalez

“The hours I spent there were well worth it. I got to interact with the staff, and the professors were great. That's when I able to make the connection and know a little bit more about their background.”
— Tara Sol

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