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The MS in Marketing program offers an integrated curriculum with the themes of digital, branding and analytics incorporated into each course. The program is distinctive for both its breadth and depth, and includes digital marketing (from general e-marketing to social media to digital marketing strategies), the psychology and economics of buyer behavior, how to conduct marketing research in today’s electronic environment, the development of brand equity and its implications for organizational success, the use of marketing analytics to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities, as well as general marketing management and overall strategy.

The 10-month program is lock-step, cohort-based, where students enter the program at the same time and proceed through the courses as a group, allowing you to develop relationships that will enrich your personal and professional lives.

Courses include:

Analysis and application of theory and problem solving for marketing management in the global environment. Emphasis will be on the role marketing in the organization; planning the marketing effort; management of the marketing organization; control of marketing operations; and evaluation of the marketing contribution.

Examines how e-business can transform the traditional marketing mix and how fundamental principles of marketing can be applied to develop e-business marketing plans. 

Modern comprehensive models of consumer behavior are utilized as a framework for understanding consumer decision processes.

The role of research in providing information for marketing decision-making, including an examination of the research process and the tools available to the researcher. 

Intensive study of social media marketing, including best practices, challenges, metrics, and its role in market segmentation, target marketing, branding, market expansion, and marketing strategies. 

Marketing communications are essential for connecting the many constituents of the marketing exchange process. The growth of digital marketing and social media platforms has changed the landscape as to how marketers communicate with their various audiences. As such, the study of marketing communications requires a three-part approach, examining (1) the broad field of integrated marketing communications, (2) the vast array of elements available to modern marketers, and (3) the tools necessary to measure, evaluate, and discuss the effectiveness of various elements as they pertain to the overall marketing communications strategy. This course covers these three areas as they pertain to brand development, market development, and business sustainability.

A practical approach to the use of database information to solve marketing problems. Emphasis is on obtaining, managing and using information about current and potential customers. Topics include data acquisition, data mining, list segmentation and customer modeling, and direct marketing, relationship marketing and customer lifetime value applications.

The focus of this course is to provide a sound understanding of the function, issues and challenges of the brand or product manager. The scope of the course embraces U.S. and international situations and emphasis will be placed on analysis, strategy development and practical decision making. The course will draw on the students’ prior exposure to marketing management, research advertising and promotion and will provide insights and practice in application of these skills in the context of the product manager’s roll in the enterprise. 

Using critical thinking and strategic decision making to combine online technologies such as e-marketing, social media, mobile, SEO, and metrics to enhance brand value and drive marketing exchanges.

For groups of students desiring intensive study of a particular topic or a limited number of topics, not otherwise offered in the curriculum.

Professional Development Seminars and/or an appropriate internship will be required.

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