Master of International BusinessClass Profile - Rodrigo Velasco

Rodrigo Velasco


The impacts of the international trip for me

The international trip was an excellent opportunity allowing us to see theory/policy put into practice. Meeting with various companies of different sizes, different industries & learning how their business model adapts to the ever-changing international business landscape demonstrated the importance of having a global mindset for multinational companies. Also, the ability to truly connect with my colleagues in the cohort outside the classroom, the trip opened up new avenues for collaboration & discussion, where informal team bonding laid the foundation for relationship building into the future.

How the MIB format and schedule benefited me while in the program

The fast-paced 8-week mini-term format of the MIB truly keeps you thinking on your feet. As in a multinational corporation, in an international setting where problems may arise from one morning to the afternoon, the 8 week mini terms prepared us, students, to shift the mindset from one course to the other and complete projects in an agile manner. In order to complete the courses, we learned the importance of asking questions, listening, collaborating and communicating effectively, both with our peers and professors, to have the latest information to be able to deliver successful initiatives.

How I learned from the faculty member’s experience and expertise

The faculty members within the MIB provided diverse perspectives to their areas of expertise. We learned from practicing professionals with over 25+ years of international business experience spanning many industries. We were also able to learn and discuss with leading researchers in the field of international business. The faculty challenges you to evaluate your perspective and be open to new strategies that can help you be successful in a fast-paced business setting. The faculty provided guidance not only in the classroom but also towards developing our professional careers/career paths, which is invaluable advice to receive.

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